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EVERYONE LOVES FALL FOOTBALL. Here are the TOP 5 reasons why your sports photographer loves it, too.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

If you are a red blooded American, you probably love fall football. We love it, too. Chances are, your favorite sports photographer may love it for many of the same reasons you do!

It’s only June. But I can tell you that there are exactly 100 days until football season. 100. And I can’t wait. Whether it is the NFL, college, high school, or youth football, it doesn’t matter. I love to cover football games on any level. This surprises a lot of people; everyone assumes that the higher the level, the better the football. Not so much! These five reasons apply across the board!

Why do we sports photographers love football season so much? Read on ... I’m sure you can relate.


If you have been to a football game, you know what we mean. It doesn’t matter if it comes from the stands, the announcer, or the carefully orchestrated music that plays on third downs when the home team is on defense and is about to push a four & out.

It’s the way the announcers hype up the crowd.

And the way athletes hype each other up.

Don't forget the way the fans hype up their favorite player.

The hype is simply next level. And it’s amazing to capture on camera.

WHY WE LOVE FALL FOOTBALL #2 - The physicality.

Football has been, and continues to be a raw, aggressive, physical game. Sure it requires football IQ to win games, but fans aren’t there to watch a chess game. We are all there to see wild interceptions, unexpected hits, and physical feats that us normal people only dream of.

This is the same reason why a single football game (even a local high school game) often has sports photographers on every end of the field ... we don’t want to miss a single play!

“Football, in its purest form, remains a physical fight. As in any fight, if you don’t want to fight, you won’t win." – Bud Wilkinson

Lakewood 14U v. North Tampa Pride | Wesley Chapel Sports Complex
Lakewood Spartans 14U v. North Tampa Pride | Wesley Chapel Sports Complex

WHY WE LOVE FALL FOOTBALL #3 - The backstories.

Speaking of not wanting to miss a single play, sometimes what we want to capture isn’t even on the field. I will never forget when I covered a USF - Gators college football game. Before the game, two players from each team were hugging and in tears over seeing each other playing at this level. They had played together for years as kids.

It might be brothers who play on opposing teams, or an athlete that has overcome adversity to play the game. We love it all. We want our pictures to convey the story of the game, not just a single shot.

WHY WE LOVE FALL FOOTBALL #4 - The camaraderie.

Your team is your family. The emotions, the support, the brotherhood. It’s all there, and there is no denying it. It comes through in the images, and we love how much they mean to you.

Surprisingly, the number one request we get is, “did you get that one shot of me and ____?”

It is the picture of two or more players together that the athletes want! An image to memorialize that bond. When a teammate scores for the first time and his team rallies around him to celebrate. When that not-so-fast lineman ends up with an interception. The way these athletes always have each others backs, on and off the field.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Raymond James | Tampa, FL
Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Raymond James | Tampa, FL

WHY WE LOVE FALL FOOTBALL #5 - Your reaction to our photos.

Whether you are an athlete, coach, player, or family member, we absolutely LOVE to see your reaction to our photos. When we cover a particular league throughout their season, we show up with prints and posters. Why? There is nothing better than when a young player walks by our tent and recognizes one of his teammates. He runs off to get half of the team, and then they are all crowded around looking for more images where they know someone who is featured.

Moms cry and dads beam with pride. Grandparents order pictures in triplicate. It motivates us to get even better shots next game. We eat this stuff up.

We give away so many of these great action shots, simply because of your reactions to them. So the next time you see us at an event, please let us know your thoughts!

Treasure Coast Patriots | 7U
Treasure Coast Patriots | 7U


Don’t get me wrong, I love Florida summers, swim suits, and tan lines. But while I am enjoying myself this summer, you better believe I am counting down the days until Fall Football.

Make sure to book us for your football team photos, individual photos, and game day action shots! If you like what you see above, you’ll be happy you did.



Shana Dees is one of the owners of Apeiro Sports Photography (based in Tampa, Florida) and covers youth football across the south Florida region, high school football in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando Counties, USF College Football, and the Tampa Bay Bucs, anytime she can. For booking information, visit their website at


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