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Lisa & Matt’s Downtown Dunedin Engagement Photo Session

Matt reached out to me on a Tuesday. His engagement photographer had a scheduling issue and couldn’t go forward with their shoot. The wedding was only a few weeks away and they needed those gorgeous engagement shots ASAP! So of course, I said I would jump in and help them out with their Engagement Photo Session. I couldn’t leave this sweet couple hanging!



As a photographer, it always makes me a little nervous to take on engagement, wedding, or maternity photo sessions at the last minute like this. Many couples are already stressed from all the planning, which doesn’t help anything! We love relaxed, comfortable clients ... after all, the more at ease you are, the better these photos will be!

We also include a wardrobe and posing planning session with all of our wedding, engagement, maternity, and family photo sessions! A little preparation goes a LONG way to achieving the best photos, and all of our couples and families have LOVED this included planning assistance.


Matt & Lisa were SO relaxed and easy going, that we were able to walk through Downtown Dunedin, taking advantage of all the various backgrounds, which gave them a very diverse gallery of gorgeous images!

We ended the night at the Dunedin Pier, and the sunset did NOT disappoint!

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Shana Dawn
Shana Dawn
May 17, 2023

Engagement season in Tampa Bay!

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